DENSEK EE-ISAC promoted on NCSC Conference

On June 3 and 4, the NCSC conference took place in the World Forum in The Hague, Netherlands. With almost 1000 delegates from all over the world, this is one of the most important conferences every year in the Cyber Security world.

This year, DENSEK was invited to present the European Energy ISAC (EE-ISAC) during the plenary session on day 1. For this presentation a video was produced and a panel discussion was organized. Under the highly professional lead of Nicholas Witchell, three cyber security specialists discussed the importance of cooperating on a European level and the role and relevance of the EE-ISAC. The panelists were Mr. Sato (general manager, Control System Security Center, Japan), Klaus Kursawe (Director Research and Development, ENCS) and Marnix Dekker (Security Expert and Information Security Officer, ENISA).

The EE-ISAC was very well received by the delegates and several new stakeholders expressed their interest. You are welcome to watch the video:

Watch the video in Japanese

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DENSEK post-conference workshop during SmartSec Europe Amsterdam

The DENSEK post-conference workshop was held during SmartSec Europe 2014 in Amsterdam. During this workshop more than 30 representatives of leading European energy companies and organizations discussed the cyber security situation and the necessity of improved cooperation of the European electricity infrastructure on a European level. The main theme of the workshop was the meaning and direction of DENSEK required to facilitate this improved cooperation. The workshop took place in a very pleasant but constructive atmosphere. This gave us good opportunities to meet with several intercompany security colleagues.

After a briefing on the project status, the delegates discussed the various deliverables of DENSEK in smaller groups. The deliverables are currently in the development phase and were discussed by the project team and representatives of the target stakeholder groups. This engagement ensures that the requirements of the stakeholders are aligned with the project outcome.

During the various sessions there was a clear conformity amongst the delegates that DENSEK has an important role and fills a gap in the current cyber security domain within the electricity branch. Furthermore, the delegates concluded that a multi-tier membership structure of the European Energy ISAC is required. This implies a first entry level with minimal obligations for new members, which will help to induce them to join DENSEK. After becoming acquainted to the DENSEK community and procedures, a member can choose to go to “the next level(s)”. These levels are providing more activities and information sharing but also require more commitment of the participants.

On account of the workshop, several delegates expressed their interest to join the project as a (key) stakeholder. This gives them the opportunity to play a part  in the further development and direction of this project. They will act as a reference group throughout the course of this project.

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First DENSEK stakeholder workshop

On November 19 DENSEK hosted its first European stakeholder workshop. Goal of the workshop was to discuss with a group of representatives of the electricity branch the project objectives, deliverables and roadmap  in an early stage of the project. This way early involvement and commitment of stakeholders should be realized.

It was a fruitful first meeting with good interaction between the participants and important input for the project. The following stakeholders participated in the workshop:

  • ABB
  • Accenture
  • Alliander
  • Elster
  • ENCS
  • Eon Energie
  • Thales
  • Via Sat UK

All participants underlined the importance of this project aimed at joining forces on a European level in order to improve the cyber resilience of the energy infrastructure in Europe and expressed their interest in the project.

If you are also interested to get involved and join the next stakeholder meeting, please contact us via:


Bert Heerbaart
Program Manager
+31 6 11034291

DENSEK participated in the EUW 2013

From 15 to 17 October 2013 the European Utility Week took place in Amsterdam, receiving approximately 7000 visitors from all over Europe and even further away. Central theme of the conference this year was Smart Energy. DENSEK participated with a booth in the Energy Experience area and presentations during the conference and the round tables. The objectives of DENSEK fitted perfectly in the overall conclusion of the event:

For three days Amsterdam was the place to be for anyone who's anyone in smart energy. The conclusion: all involved agreed on the importance of pulling together for future energy innovation. In practice, this meant new partnerships and joint ventures being formed, thought provoking discussions taking place and pressing issues being raised and solved through cooperation.”

This synopsis is fully consistent with the goal behind DENSEK: improving the cyber resilience of our smart grids through joining forces on a European level. In other words the necessity to work together not only in relation to safety and security but also at the start of innovating our energy grids is being recognized on a larger scale. This will help DENSEK in further dissemination of its mission and goals.

The many interested visitors during the three days of the DENSEK booth and the appointments and contacts resulting from that made the effort of the DENSEK hosts a great success.