Dedicated EE-ISAC website launched

As the DENSEK project is nearing an end, the preparations for the launch of the EE-ISAC are well under way. A website dedicated to the EE-ISAC (DENSEK Deliverable 1) has been launched earlier this week. The website provides information on the EE-ISAC activities, current members and how to join the community. The European Information Sharing and Analyses Center (ISAC) for the Energy sector will form a competence center for the whole Energy branch. It will monitor the cyber security situation within this sector and provide knowledge and information to its members.

Visit the EE-ISAC at:

Paper published at the IEEE conference WFCS 2015

The results of the evaluation of open source Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems will be presented during the 11th IEEE World conference on Factory Communication Systems - WFCS 2015 ( organised by the University of the Balearic Islands and the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society.

The smart grid is a system of systems built of many components linked together by communication networks and controlled by information systems. The interconnected and interdependent nature of the smart grid opens a way for completely new types of cyberattacks including Botnets, zero-days or Advanced Persistent Threats (APT). To respond to this evolved threat landscape, new cyber security technologies are required, such as Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems, Tusted Platform Modules (TPMs), or Situation Awareness Networks (SANs). 

The study to be presented during the conference is a part of the development and deployment of the DEnSeK Situation Awareness Network for the smart grid. During the analysis, three SIEM systems were evaluated: AlienVault OSSIM, Cyberoam iView and CS Prelude. The results of the study were described in the paper "Evaluation of Open Source SIEM for Situation Awareness Platform in the Smart Grid Environment" which will be published in the in the conference proceedings.

DENSEK presented to the 100 Resilient Cities of the Rockefeller Foundation

Tuesday, 24 February 2015 the Rockefeller Foundation visited the Netherlands to talk about its 100 Resilient Cities program. This philanthropic foundation has been promoting and supporting the well-being of humanity throughout the world for more then 100 years. Today it is pursuing this goal amongst others by building resilience of people, communities and cities. The visit to the Netherlands was organized by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (Ministry of Economic Affairs) and focused on Dutch projects, which would provide useful lessons for the foundation and its 100 RC program.

The DENSEK program, which focusses on improved cyber resilience through international cooperation, was presented to the representatives of the foundation. Although cyber resilience is not a focus of the foundation, the representatives showed a strong interest in the collaboration model that DENSEK deploys. The DENSEK collaboration model is developed with a reference group of 15 European stakeholders. 

DENSEK presented on the 6th Smart Energy UK & Europe 2015

On 30 January Bert Heerbaart presented the DENSEK project to the delegates of the 6th Smart Energy UK & Europe 2015 in London.

The delegates' interest in the DENSEK objectives and the developments of cyber security solutions for the smart grid became obvious in the discussions after the presentation. Some delegates representing energy companies expressed their interest to become a member of the EE ISAC that will be launched July of this year.

Data model for DENSEK Information Sharing Platform presented at ICITST-2014 conference

On the 8th of December, 2014 Rafal Leszczyna delivered a presentation about the data model for the DEnSeK Information Sharing Platform to the audience of the ICITST-2014 conference held in London. Together with the model, the scientific approach of its development was explained to the participants.

The presentation became a good occasion to describe the project itself i.e. project objectives, main tasks and achievements. After the presentation various questions were raised by the participants, which proved their interest in the project.

The participation in the ICITST-2014 conference was related to the publication of the paper "Security Information Sharing for Smart Grids: Developing the Right Data Model" in the conference proceedings. The authors of the paper - Rafal Leszczyna and Michal Wrobel - are the DEnSeK members from Gdansk University of Technology in Poland. After the conference the authors were invited to write an extended version of the paper for a peer reviewed journal - the International Journal for Information Security Research (IJISR).