Project Facts

Project Acronym: DENSEK
Project Title: Distributed ENergy SEcurity Knowledge
Project Reference: HOME/2012/CIPS/AG/4000003772
Project Type: Collaborative Project
Project Duration: 24 months from July 2013 – July 2015
Budget: EC Funding: 763,241.44 €


DENSEK focuses on three concrete deliverables:

European Energy ISAC The European Information Sharing and Analyses Center (ISAC) for the Energy sector will form a competence center for the whole Energy branch. It will monitor the cyber security situation within this sector and provide knowledge and information to its members. Furthermore, the European Energy ISAC will host the Situation Awareness Network (II) and the Information Sharing Platform (III).

Situation Awareness Network With the Situation Awareness Network cyber-attacks and even threats opposing any of the members of the ISAC will be identified in an early stage and communicated to all other stakeholders (alerts). This way the members have the possibility to proactively take mitigating actions the moment a threat occurs anywhere in Europe.

Information Sharing Platform The Information Sharing Platform will form a trusted network to liaise between the ISAC and its members. It will facilitate the distribution of information, newsletters, alerts etc. It provides the members of the Energy ISAC possibilities to stay informed regarding cyber security news and events in an efficient and effective way.

Project Partners

  • Alliander BV (coordinator), The Netherlands
  • Enel Ingegneria e Innovazione SpA, Italy
  • Global Cyber Security Center, Italy
  • SecurityMatters BV, The Netherlands
  • University of Gdańsk, Poland

The project is supported by the European Network for Cyber Security (ENCS) based in The Netherlands.